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3 Podcast Marketers Should Subscribe to in 2019

We have access to more information than ever before. There are a ton of podcasts, blogs, videos etc. we can all access to learn more about a topic. While we always encourage people to leverage to enormous amount of information and data out there to make educated decisions, we created a list of our favorite Podcast. Comment your favorites below!

1. The Garyvee Audio Experience

What to expect: The truth and A LOT of content. #GaryVaynerchuck takes a no bull @$#% approach to life and business. He gives practical and actionable advice for marketers and entrepreneurs daily (often time with multiple episodes a day). His content is easily digestible, engaging, and in most cases immediately effective if put to use right away.

2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

What to expect: Insight, trends, and tools to all digital platforms. This podcast does a great job of giving marketers insight into industry. Where as the #GaryveeAudioExperience is more general, this podcast takes more of an analytical approach on some of the top platforms and tools within the industry.

3. Marketing Over Coffee (MOC)

What to expect: High-level and thought provoking discussions. By discussing controversial topics, such as marketing cannabis the show brings a unique perspective to marketing in today's world. While the above two shows have a stronger focus on #digital and #socialmediamarketing strategies, MOC features both traditional and digital marketing strategies.